Marco De Paoli


I am a senior scientist and I focus on multiphase flows, from porous media to particle-laden flows. I use a combination of numerical simulations and laboratory experiments to understand the dynamics of complex physical system. I am currently Erwin Schrödinger fellow at the University of Twente (Physics of Fluids Group) and TU Wien (Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer).


Experiments on convection in porous media

Solute transport and dispersion in underground geological formations play a key role in hydrology and geophysics, from carbon sequestration to water contamination. Understanding the underlying fluid dynamics is crucial to make reliable long-term predictions of the evolution of these systems.

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What is the flow topology of a convective porous media flow?

What is the minimum domain size we need to simulate to capture the large-scale flow structures? We have addressed these questions in our recent work published on Journal of Fluid Mechanics. With the aid of massively parallelized numerical simulations, we show that the near-wall, large-scale temperature patterns (supercells) represent the footprint of the flow structure in the core of…

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Why teapots always drip

There is an age-old question: How can the so-called “teapot effect” be explained? Our demonstrative experiments illustrating this phenomenon have been discussed in quiz shows by BBC and Servus TV (available from Germany and Austria). The “teapot effect” has been threatening spotless white tablecloths for ages: if a liquid is poured out of a teapot too slowly, then the…

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