Here you can find an overview of the figures reported in my papers. The figures refer to experiments and simulations of convection in porous media, fibre-laden flows, droplets transport.


Temperature distribution in three-dimensional porous medium convection at high Rayleigh number.

Ra=104, side view (Pirozzoli et al., JFM, 2021)
Ra=104, top view (Pirozzoli et al., JFM, 2021)
Assessment of domains size effects on 3D Rayleigh-Darcy convection (De Paoli et al, JFM, 2022)

Tracking of curved and slender fibre in turbulent channel flow

The fibre (1.2 mm long) is coloured according to their tumbling (Alipour et al., JFM, 2021)

Analysis of virus exposure during a respiratory event

Experimental analysis of several protective devices (Wang et al., PNAS, 2021)
Visualisation of droplets size and distribution obtained via numerical simulations (Wang et al., PNAS, 2021)